A Love Note to Myself

On Sunday night, I was on an Emirates flight heading to Dubai. For some reason, sleep wasn’t forthcoming, and so, I decided to spend my time writing this love note. I decided to post this today, Friday, November 8th, 2019, which happens to be my birthday. Actually, my 30th birthday!

Wow. I’ve been around for three decades. Now, that’s a milestone! LOL. I’m quite excited and hopeful about this new chapter. I fondly refer to it as Chapter 3.0 of my life.

Since I’m not one to organize parties, the best way to make this birthday count is to do one of my favorite things— explore a new place. In this case, Dubai. I can’t wait to go skydiving later today.

Throughout the last year, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my life. I realized that I had suppressed quite a lot of painful experiences, that it’s almost as if they never happened. I have coped by adopting an easy-going approach to life. I’ve learned to take each day as it comes and capture every special moment spent with loved ones. I think it’s the healthy thing to do!

However, I’m most proud of taking the journey to self-discovery. I love that I’ve made bold and tough decisions to finding and appreciating who I truly am. So I’m using this moment to write myself this heartfelt love note:
(Scroll right and left)

Dear Osasu,

It’s so amazing to know that you are at this milestone.
I know that life hasn’t been the smoothest for you, 
But somehow you made sweet lemonade from all the lemons thrown at you.
Thank you for hanging in there.
I know I wasn’t the kindest to you during your toughest moments.
I put a lot of pressure on you,
I compared you with your peers,
I saw only your weaknesses,
I criticized you for all your mistakes,
I barely recognized your wins,
And I watched you become a shadow of yourself.
I am so sorry. Please forgive me.
Despite all the odds, you have survived!
I admire your strength and fearlessness,
I see your quiet power every day,
And I am so proud of you.
As you begin this new chapter, you should always remember that—
You are wise,
You are intelligent,
You are thoughtful,
You are beautiful,
You are funny,
You are loved,
Your dreams are valid,
You have a purpose here,
And your future is still bright.
Never stop learning,
Never stay stuck in a place that makes you unhappy, 
And never give up.
Stand tall, 
Move in the direction that makes you feel alive,
And always remember that I’ll be here for you!

Happy birthday, girl!

Much love,

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