Dear Blog Reader: How Are You?

Hello everyone!

I genuinely hope that you are doing well and staying safe.

Indeed, our world has changed. Like you, I never imagined that I would ever experience anything like the COVID-19 pandemic in my lifetime. We’re forced to say goodbye to the lives we once knew and accept our new reality. 

Sometimes, I sit and ask myself the following questions:

Will we ever return to the time when we could be around people without maintaining a social distance? How will our family, professional, social, or religious gatherings be set up?

Will we ever trust the safety of places outside our homes? 

Will children ever return to the carefree lives they once knew?  

Will we look at people normally when they innocently sneeze or cough, and not fear that they might infect us?

Will face masks become part of our regular style of dressing? Can you imagine what our photos would look like at special events like graduations, weddings, or birthday parties?

Will essential jobs be the only ones that matter? Has the pandemic proven that most of our jobs are non-essential?

Will a wanderlust like me be able to move around without fear of getting sick?

Sincerely, there’s a lot to think about, and it’s overwhelming.

I can’t imagine what your situation is or how you are feeling. However, I’ve learned that this three-word question, “How are you?” can usher you into another person’s world. I think it’s the most important question you can ask anyone during this challenging time because people are dealing with a lot—some people have lost jobs, loved ones, business opportunities, and more.

Dear Blog Reader: How are you? What are some of your concerns? What are your hopes for the future?

It will be great to hear from you in the comments section. 

Be well. 🧡


4 thoughts on “Dear Blog Reader: How Are You?

  1. I’m so very grateful and appreciative of every single day like never before. Funny fact, I keep looking back on how many days I’ve survived so far and looking into how the next 14 days will be.


  2. I started following your blog just before the lockdown in Lagos. The tips you gave from your last blog are definitely helping. Thank you!

    I am keeping safe with family and I pray this ends soon.


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