Today, I Choose to Celebrate My Small Wins!

After completing the 5-part blog series on Mental Health in May, I promised myself that I would rest for a week. One week turned into one month, and here I am in July, without any new blog posts. I realized that there was more to this.

I had allowed unpleasant memories from the past to take the better part of me. I found myself feeling anxious and depressed, and suddenly, I felt I wasn’t good enough. Besides, I felt overwhelmed with all the recent developments around issues such as police brutality and racial tensions, different forms of violence, and many other incidents.

How ironic is it that I just completed a blog series on mental health awareness? I must admit that staying positive in a world full of negative events is difficult, but I still tried.

One day, I came across this quote:

Oh yes! 

I can do that. 

I did that last year. 

I created this blog during a tough moment in my life. My blog has brought me so much joy—if nothing else, it has given me a platform to help people through what I write.

Then, I found the strength to create again.

Rooted in a problem that most people now have, which is unemployment, I set out to help job seekers with well-written resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to help them get noticed. I started with free resume reviews for people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. After some professional development, I decided to make it a small business called Resume Writing Services (RWS) by Osasu Arigbe. Feel free to follow my Instagram account (@resumewriter.oa), where I post job search and resume tips. 

Next, I became excited when I found out that the SHRM Blog was going to publish my post, 10 Things You Don’t Need On Your Resume. Awesome news!

I went bouncing off the walls when I got another exciting update: For the past two weeks, my post has ranked #1 on the SHRM Blog, and as of yesterday morning, it had 9,377 page views. 🎉 If only you could see me, you’d have thought I won a jackpot.

At the same time, I found this humbling. I didn’t expect it, and that’s because I don’t write for the stats. This showed me the impact the blog post had on so many job seekers during these challenging times. The direct messages from readers were also encouraging. I want to share a few with you:

(Click and swipe to see screenshots)

Lastly, it meant a lot to me when I was quoted in the Summer 2020 issue of the HR Magazine. 🎉 The topic is How to Create an Effective Onboarding Program. Because I enjoy reading HR insights, I always looked forward to receiving this magazine in my mailbox every quarter. I also used to keep a stack of them until I opted for digital copies. Lol! I never imagined that someday, I’d be featured in it, and sharing my insights with others.

Like they say, “success begets success.” I’m determined to use my voice as an HR professional and a writer for good—this is my meaningful work!

As always, I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me. ♥️

I’ll end with this quote:

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

– Oprah Winfrey


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