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Hello! I’d love to tell you more about me.

I’m a freelance content writer for HR Technology companies. I create content that companies use to market their products and services to their target audience in the HR industry. 

Through my engaging and compelling content, clients can create brand awareness, build trust with their customers, and influence buying decisions.


I’ve written content for the companies shown below and some anonymous clients. Click the links to check out my portfolio:


You can also check out these samples from my blog:


Long-Form Content (articles, ebooks, and series): Do you need help creating content with 1,500+ words to promote your brand as an authority or generate leads? I can write in-depth and engaging thought-leadership articles and ebooks for leads generation.

Blog Posts: Do you want to create short-form content that conveys relevant information through a personal perspective? I can write high-quality posts with 500 – 700 words for your blog.

Case Studies: Are you interested in sharing success stories about how your SaaS platform or app has helped your clients? I can help you translate the quantitative and qualitative findings from your case studies into consumable client stories that paint a picture of what success looks like for the buyer.

Software Reviews (buyer’s guide): HR leaders often need help finding the right software for their organizations, so we can work together to make it easier for them. I can help tech publications review different HR software in the market, test their product features, and write a detailed buyer’s guide that grades and compares each software.

Search Engine Optimization: Every good site needs to be found. I can help you attract visitors through SEO.

Industry Events Coverage (social media engagement): Need help promoting an upcoming conference/virtual event and covering the best highlights of it? I can help to generate excitement and drive engagement through cadenced announcements before the event and live tweeting during the event. I’ve successfully executed this at popular HR conferences with 20,000+ attendees, such as the:

  • 2018 SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference (#SHRMDIV)
  • 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition (#SHRM19; #SHRM19Blogger)
  • 2021 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition (#SHRM21; #SHRM21Influencer)


What makes me the right person for your project? Read my clients’ feedback below:

“Working with Osasu is always a pleasure! She’s a very talented HR expert, and our team has been consistently impressed with the results of her work. As a writer, Osasu is able to create engaging, creative, and research-backed content grounded in her HR experience that our audience loves. From planning together to publishing articles, Osasu is a wonderful partner. I would recommend her as an excellent HR writer and look forward to working with her again!”

– Ben T., Marketing Manager at Bonusly

“We were looking for an author who could offer relevant, differentiated, and up-to-date HR content at the outset. We were also very particular that these pieces provide practical and actionable insights to our HR readers. Osasu’s articles have consistently exceeded all these expectations. She brings in well-researched and novel insights into her writing backed up by real-life domain experiences. Osasu sets expectations right and is very methodological in her project execution, allowing us to pre-plan her deliverables. We are eager to continue being associated with her.”

– Manoj A., Co-founder at Xoxoday

“I really enjoyed working with Osasu. As a professional, she was very responsive, organized, and diligent with our content. The content she wrote for us was very thoughtful, unique, and creatively blended our keywords and research-backed opinions. We believe that the content will drive us strong leads for years to come. Osasu is not only a strong writer but also provides a diverse and insightful perspective that’s rare to find. I would recommend Osasu to anyone and hope to continue working with her in the future.”

– Mirvise N., Co-founder at Inkrement

“We had a great experience working with Osasu.  She took a very thoughtful approach in understanding the unique needs of our project and communicated effectively along the way.  Her writing was on-point, professional and well researched.”

– Andrew C., VP of Marketing at Bonfyre


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your niche? I’ve worked with startup, mid-sized, and global HR Technology companies in different countries. So my niche is HR Technology. I’ve written about Rewards & Recognition, Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement, Mental Health & Wellness, Diversity & Inclusion, among others. However, I can write outside of my niche if that’s what you need. Just let me know what you need.

How much time do you need to write content? It depends on my schedule, the topic, how much research is involved, the type of content, and the quantity you’re requesting. Typically, I give a timeline of one week per deliverable, but that varies based on the factors stated. I usually like clients to provide me with adequate lead time before their desired deadline.

What is your work process overview? As a content writer, I like to apply a professional approach to my work. By default, my process looks like this:
Receive brief > Send price estimate > Request upfront payment > Research and plan > Write content > Submit first draft > Revise > Submit final draft > Request balance payment > Ask for feedback. I may adapt my work process to certain situations or clients.

Who will work on my content? Only me! When you hire me, I will write all your content and manage the work process. There’s no third party involved at this time.

Can you blog on our CMS, and what platforms can you use? Yes. I’m familiar with WordPress, Medium, and Ghost platforms. However, if you want me to use another platform, I’ll be happy to learn how to use your content management system. I’m quick at learning new systems.

How much do you charge to write content? Important question. Each project is unique, so my rates depend on the type of project and how long you want us to work together. I’ll share a price estimate with you after reviewing the project information.

Do you ghostwrite for your clients? Yes, I ghostwrite for clients, but under specific terms and conditions. However, I prefer it when clients publish under my name because it is a great way to display my portfolio. Please indicate this when you contact me.

Do you offer additional services? Yes. I can offer other services such as writing/designing how-to guides, infographics, and templates; proofreading and editing content, and interviewing industry experts and customers. Let me know what you need, and I’ll be happy to work with you.